The idea for this symposium came from prof. Bill David from Oxford University who pointed out that this year, 2016, we celebrate the centenary and 50 year jubilee of two major contributions in powder diffractometry. By coincidence, both contributors were Dutch.

The core team of the Debye-Rietveld celebration

Bram Schierbeek
has been active as Application Scientist bio-crystallography with (Enraf-)Nonius, Bruker and Rigaku. After his PhD from Groningen University he trained and supported scientists all over the world with automated crystallization, crystallographic data collection, structure solution with SAD-phasing and small angle X-ray scattering. He is a member of the board of the NVK, the Dutch Society for Crystallography.
Céleste Reiss
is senior application scientist X-ray diffraction at PANalytical. She studied chemistry and crystallography at the University of Amsterdam. After joining Philips Analytical she developed together with others the first Rietveld program on a PC. Within Panalytical she worked in many areas of diffraction from HR to powder. The last years her focus is on total scattering studies.
Lambert van Eijck
is assistant professor at the Reactor Institute of the Delft University of Technology. After his PhD in solar cell and battery materials in Delft, he worked as an instrument scientist on the backscattering neutron spectrometer IN16(B) at the Institut Laue Langevin in Grenoble, France. In 2010 he returned to Delft to design and build a novel neutron powder diffractometer PEARL at the Reactor Institute Delft, which is in operation since 2015.

The front page of this website shows the two scientists who will be celebrated at this event: Peter Debye and Hugo Rietveld. The banner on the other pages show the central part of a powder diffraction film (called a Debye-Scherrer film) used to record a powder diffraction pattern. Nowaday, the film is replaced by a 2D detector. The left part of the banner shows a part of the Amsterdam Canal District: You will enjoy a boat trip through this 17th-century district in the Evening Programme.

NVK and Mollie
This celebration is organized by members of the NVK, the Dutch Crystallography Society. When you buy a ticket at the registration, you will be paying to the "Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kristallografie" (NVK) and the internet-payment company Mollie takes care of the secure online payment.